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Managing multiple accounts for your clients is a demanding and time consuming task. At Hermes Bank we strive to offer the most streamlined solution to this task and we are proud to present Hermes Associate i-Bank service. By combining high-end technology with an easy to use interface, Hermes Associate i-Bank service offers unique functionality combined with the highest standards of data encryption... MORE

Welcome to HERMES BANK

At Hermes Bank, we combine decades of expertise and the latest technologies, delivering to you a banking solution that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

Our innovative approach has made Hermes the bank of choice for private and corporate clients seeking a more relaxed and convenient banking solution.

Our philosophy is one of values and integrity. This is best reflected in the way our people apply themselves to your needs, offering a truly personal service, tailored to your precise requirements and expectations.



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At Hermes Bank, we conduct our business in accordance with internationally recognised principles and banking standards...



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Hermes Bank provides secure, convenient, fast and reliable banking services tailored to each customer’s needs…



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Hermes Bank’s infrastructure consists of cutting edge technologies, providing our clients exceptional standards of security…


As a fully regulated financial institution, Hermes Bank offers banking solutions in accordance with internationally recognised principles and banking standards.

  • Incorporated in Saint Lucia
  • Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA)
  • “A” Class International Banking License
  • First Class Correspondent Banks
  • Authorised Member of SWIFT
  • FATCA Compliant
President of the Board: Michael Bruce Garnet Gordon C.B.E., Q.C., M.A.
Director: Evan Ross McLean Hermiston B.B.A., C.A., T.E.P., A.C.I..
Auditors: Ernst & Young

Hermes concept has always been one of personalised banking solutions, tailored to the unique needs and individual requirements of each client.

Our team comprises highly qualified professionals, each with many years of experience in their respective fields. Together people and technology results to a unique banking solution.

Hermes Bank’s infrastructure is based on offering advanced level of security. Our hardware and software solutions provide a flexible and extremely robust solution, able to meet your current needs and expand to anticipate your future requirements.

Hermes infrastructure facts:

  • Latest Hardware equipment
  • High Network Availability
  • Fully integrated Software platform
  • Service Level Agreement: 99.99-% uptime
  • Fully Redundant Network and Infrastructure Connectivity


Michael Bruce Garnet Gordon C.B.E., Q.C., M.A

Born into a prominent legal and business family, Michael has practiced law since being called to the bar in 1967. A Cambridge graduate, where he received his Master’s degree, Michael has enjoyed a multifaceted legal career encompassing amongst others corporate law, intellectual property rights, trusts, advocacy, civil and criminal law.

Michael currently serves as the Managing Partner of Gordon, Gordon & Co., a firm, founded by Michael's father, Sir Garnet Gordon in 1974, which has since evolved into one of the island's leading law practices.

Michael was called to the silk in 2005 (QC) and served for six years as an Appeal Court Justice on the region's highest court. For legal services to the area he received his CBE in 2010.

In addition to his legal career, Michael is a respected businessman and publisher of the local newspaper, The Voice.

His combination of legal and business experience and deep understanding of the political and social fabric of the country make Michael, a person much in demand by local and regional business interests.

Evan Ross McLean Herminston B.B.A., C.A., T.E.P., A.C.I.

A native of Toronto, Evan qualified as a chartered accountant in 1993 while working with the local branch of Coopers & Lybrand. That same year, he transferred to the firm’s St. Lucia office to take up a two-year position as a senior auditor.

Rising to Audit Manager by the end of his two-year engagement, was promoted to Senior Manager in the firm .

Evan was responsible for all aspects of C&L area of practice, , trustee and receivership work, formation of banks, insurance companies and trusts and all elements of general corporate service practice.

Coopers & Lybrand merged with Price Waterhouse in 1998 to form PriceWaterhouseCoopers at which time Evan was leading the firm’s Corporate Services Department.

Since 2005 Evan has been the Canadian Government’s Warden in St. Lucia.

Dear Valued Visitor,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our shareholders, I am proud to welcome you to a unique financial institution, Hermes Bank Limited.

The combination of the valued International Banking experience between the employees along with the usage of the latest in sophisticated and secure technologies has challenged the financial markets for innovation.

It is a fact that the bank’s performance through the last year of operation in these hard economic and political conditions has been positive which gives the energy to continue for more successful years.

Our Vision and Our Values drive us to establish a solid relation of trust between our customers, a key value to our success.

We commit ourselves that we will continue to exceed customers’ expectations by developing innovative ways to offer qualitative services and products, through highly motivated professional employees delivering excellent services at all markets that Hermes Bank is present. At Hermes Bank, we act quickly and efficiently avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy and always operating within the regulatory and current financial principles for protecting our customers and the bank’s good name.

Feel free to contact the Bank for any questions you may have and experience the successful customer service we are so proud of.

Thank you.


Michael Bruce Garnet Gordon C.B.E., Q.C., M.A
Chairman of the Board of Directors

KYC - Know Your Customer

Hermes Bank KYC policy applies to all new and existing customer relationships and to all products and services offered by Hermes Bank Limited.

KYC is an ongoing, risk-based process aimed at gathering relevant information about our customers and their business and financial activities in order to:

Facilitate the timely identification of customer activity that is inconsistent with established facts and information. Hermes Bank Limited is committed deterring the use of its products and services for illegal purposes.

Applying and adhering to the KYC policy and supporting procedures are obligatory within the bank’s system in order to prevent and detect money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and identity theft.

This serves to:

Protect the bank’s good standing and the safety of our clientele.

Meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

Gather sufficient information to assist in determining appropriate products and services to meet our client needs

Hermes Bank Limited will request all required information regarding current and prospective customers including beneficial owners, intermediaries and other interested parties and will establish the purpose and intended nature of each relationship and transaction.

Hermes Bank will require the names of any counterparties along with the volumes and frequency of any anticipated account activity prior to proceeding with the approval of any account opening request.

Hermes Bank retains the right to request any supporting documentation regarding the source of incoming funds and for any outgoing transactions.The extent of such requests will vary depending on a risk- sensitive basis according to the customer’s profile.

Hermes Bank Limited has the right to refuse to enter into or continue any existing relationships or conduct transactions with any person or entity that insists on anonymity or provides false, inconsistent or conflicting information not conducive to the bank to forming a clear understanding of any underlying transaction.

Please feel free to contact us for any clarifications that may be needed.